Thursday, May 17, 2012


hey! it's Galley Girl! i just finished Unleashed. the first book in the wolf springs chronicles. i found myself getting into the book because i felt like i could relate to Kat- or Katelyn- a girl who was sent to live with her grandfather in the Middle of Nowhere, Arkansas, after he mom died. i understand why Kat would be upset about leaving because one- she had to leave her best friends, two- she left behind her future at being in Cirque du Soleil, and three- her mom just died and it was kind of her fault. she get's to Wolf Springs, Arkansas and finds that she's not allowed out at night and that she is the newest addition to the town in two years. which coming from California, is pretty major.
i found this book really fascinating because it is the perfect blend of reality and fiction and i was kept on the edge of my seat until the finish. Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, i give kudos to you for writing such an amazing book and i hope they come out with the second book ASAP

This books came out in NOVEMBER 2011!!! 
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Galley Girl

Friday, February 24, 2012

His Fair Assassins: Grave Mercy

Hey loyal followers! Just finished the SECOND galley of the 2012 year, and I'm just letting you know it is a great one. (i'm thinking along the lines of a party for celebrating... )
Anyways, Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers is such an interesting book. It involves the Black Plague time in Europe and a hint of steamy romance forbidden by Ismae's religion. Ismae is the main character of the story that has had a incredibly hard life until she comes to a convent to worship the saint of Death... Saint Mortain.
I must admit, the book is a little long, but it is 100% worth your attention. I couldn't put it down and the second book- voiced by Sybella (Ismae's best friend)- is coming out in 2013. I will reiterate: this book is un put downable and I say don't put it down.


Galley Girl

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Friday, February 3, 2012


I just read Everneath by Brodi Ashton. I really like this book because it gives the character's story through flashbacks and the story itself. All in all it's a great book, and personally I cannot wait until the next book in the series to come out. Another thing, I really like the author's acknowledgments because they are humorous and you can tell that the author really enjoys writing and she likes her friends. 
In Everneath, Nikki Bennett wakes up not quite knowing what's going on and she is with a boy she doesn't quite know, let alone love. Although the feeders' memories become erased after the Feeding, Nikki's didn't and she has a chance to return home one last time to say goodbye to those she loves and cares about and to set things straight. The only problem is that she falls for her ex-boyfriend again and now she only has a few months left before she has to leave. Forever. 
By the end of the book, I was questioning everybody and I was rooting for the underdog. By the end, I was sobbing, and I was left craving more.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seven Clues To Winning You

Seven Clues To Winning You is the story of a girl who has everything she could want and then she has to leave it to go to the school her father is the principal for. Which is also the school that embarassed her with a secret picture that hadn't been meant to get out. And the school is not close to dropping it. So, in order to regaining her dignity, she must win the Senior Scramble, which she got her father to ban because she was so embarassed. There, she falls for her enemy- the source of all her problems-Luke. And together they plan a secret Senior Scramble.
This book- if turned into a movie- would be classified as a romantic comedy. It was really great and I enjoyed realting myself to the characters of the book as they grew and developed as people. Also, coincidentally, the characters reminded me of my friend and her old crush's relationship. So I devoured this book. Kudos to Kristin Walker!

The Night She Disappeared

The Night She Disappeared is a terrific horror story mized with a little romance and a lot of mystery. It all starts when Gabie accepts Kayla's offer for a trade of shifts at the pizza place they both work at. Kayla goes out to deliver an order and never comes back.
The main reason why Gabie is so bothered by it is because the person placing the order had asked if the girl driving the Mini Cooper was working that night. And last time Gabie checked, she was the only girl that drove a Mini. So, because it could've been Gabie, she feels like it's her responsibility to find out where the alive Kayla is. Because both Gabie and her friend Drew both know she is not dead. And the person who has her was not at all expected.
This is a great book! I highly suggest it! Great job April Henry!


Irises by Fransisco X. Stork is a heartwrenching tale of two sisters after their father passes away. They have their mother, who was left brain-dead after a terrible accident a few years earlier, and each other. This book is the perfect sister story and I highly suggest it for those who want to smile through their tears at the end.
This takes you on the story of Mary and Kate. Mary is the artist who loves their mother even though she really isn't there anymore and Kate is the brilliant older sister who has everything she could ask for: a reliable boyfriend, a good education; but she always wanted more. So she decides to rebel and she loses everything really quickly.


This book, Variant by Robison Wells, is a fast-paced thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seats. It takes you on the adventure of an orphaned boy, Benson Fisher, that had been in one terrible foster home after another for a long time, until he was offered to attend school at Maxfield Academy. He accepts it almost immeadiately, but soon discovers the school is anything but normal.
I really enjoyed this book. It was made for people who love the whole idea of elusive boarding school with plenty of dirty secrets. But it also gives the satisfaction of a little romance and plenty of action. This is a really great book and I highly suggest it!