Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Every Other Day

Hola! Long time no blog, huh? I actually read three in a row and completely forgot about them until today. So here I am, at 9 PM, writing not one, but three blogs. Brilliant, Galley Girl! *smacks head*
Anyways... I have the last book on my agenda. I actually have one more to read. I saved the scariest for last. Great. Excited?  Okay, now I am going to focus and power through this last one and go to bed. Not really, going to try and watch the ending of The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Or not. I guess, since I am recording it, I will prepare my interview questions for Maggie. (it's on Monday!!!)
{Oh... Sorry about there not being any book cover, I looked FOREVER to find it and the best I could find was the Every Other Day Diet.}
Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is narrated by Kali D'Angelo. One day, she is human, and the nest, she is something totally different. And she doesn't know what she is. Then, one day-while she was human- she met Skylar, a girl who was a bit psychic and has 5 older brothers. Together, they and a girl named Bethany, figure out a mystery involving a mysterious guy named Zev- who is all in Kali's head- a ouroboros and a chupacabra.
I really liked this book. It is thrilling and exciting and I really, truly hope that there is a sequel in the future.
*Skylar is being psychic and she predicts that there might be. and I am predicting you will read this :)*
Galley Girl
P.S. must finish last book... :D


New book alert! Similar to Terminator, iBoy by Kevin Brooks, combines both human and robot together to create a great book.
Tom Harvey is a normal teenage boy. He goes to school, he hangs out with friends. the only difference between him and normal is that he is surrounded by multiple gangs (based out of his town!) and his life changes the day someone drops an iPhone from 30 stories up. On his head.After he wakes up from his 17-day long coma, he discovers that his long time crush, Lucy Walker, and her brother, Ben, had been beaten. And in Lucy's case, raped. And the police weren't doing anything about it.
Now it's up to Tom to serve justice to the gang and fight with his brain. Which, oddly enough, gives him super powers.I really liked the voice in the book, and the idea that brains are stronger than brawn. And that, 9 times out of 10, the brain smarts beat muscle. Kevin takes this to the literal sense. This book is thrilling and suspenseful. I wanted more the entire time and it left me wondering, what happens next?
Until next time, Which isn't that far away. I have another one.
Galley Girl

Guy Langman: Crime Scene Procrastinator

hey! it's Galley Girl, bringing you all things bookish. Today (tonight...) i actually have a different type of book. A crime book.
It's called Guy Langman: Crime Scene Procrastinator by Josh Berk.
I thought this novel was funny and it had a great voice to it. Although it is narrated by a Guy (literally! that's his name!), I feel like it a good novel for both boys and girls.
The book takes you a Guy's journey, starting from when his dad dies, to when he is almost out of high school. The mayhem all starts when Anoop, his best friend, convinces him to join the forensics club. Guy willingly joins- mostly doing it because his crush's name was on the list- and it goes from there. He makes new friends and then two different things happen: someone breaks into his house and that very day, at the fake crime scene the teacher makes up, he and Anoop find a body. A real, dead one. It is up to him to find the murderer and bring justice to himself and the boy that was murdered.
This book was really funny and I can't help but wonder what would have happened if his dad hadn't died and  many other things, but I don't want to spoil the entire book for you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Get Ready For...

On August 1st, I will be interviewing Maggie Stiefvater, author of Shiver and Lament series.

When it is over, I will type up the interview and post it here for your enjoyment!

So be ready.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blood on the Moon

I got the chance to read Blood on the Moon by Jennifer Knight.
Faith is a freshman at college when she meets Lucas. He is her roommate's boyfriend. But she finds something odd about him. She meets Vincent when she goes to a club with her friends and he instantly intrigues her. Derek has been her best friend for a long time and he is trying to stir up romance between them again. This leaves Faith at an odd position, who does she choose and who is safe? This book has the perfect amount of both vampires and werewolves and makes you question about who is really who they seem. These elements combine to make a thrilling, suspenseful book that leaves you hanging at the end of the book. I really truly hope that this book has a sequel because I can't wait!
Galley Girl

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hey! It's the one and only GalleyGirl and I am here to bring you the what's what of the hottest new books that aren't technically out yet! ;)
This weekend, during a 14 hour car trip, I got to read Prized by Caragh M. O'Brien, the sequel to Birthmarked.
Prized is another dystopic novel set around the 25th century. Where we last left Gaia, she had wandered into the Wastelands with no more than a rumor of "The Dead Forest" and her premature baby sister, Maya. Now she has found the village of Sylum, where women rule because they are a minority. Women aren't allowed to have any romantic relationships unless they are married and plan on having at least 10 kids. 
I encourage you to read Birthmarked before taking on this book because the author moves quickly through the book assuming you have the information of the previous book. It was a difficult read because you need to know the history from Birthmarked. I found myself looking back to the prequel many times trying to understand it better. If you take on these books, you will be rewarded with Gaia's eerie, dystopic world.
I liked this book because you got the chance to see Gaia develop relationships and defy the law yet again to do what's right. For example, Gaia develops a relationship with a girl named Josephine and her daughter, Junie, and Gaia helps Josephine because she wasn't married and she had a kid. This means that Josephine will have to give away Junie and she will never be able to have her own kid because she is not "proper mother material". The reader connects with the characters of the novel and roots for the underdog the entire time and hope that all is well in the end.