Thursday, May 17, 2012


hey! it's Galley Girl! i just finished Unleashed. the first book in the wolf springs chronicles. i found myself getting into the book because i felt like i could relate to Kat- or Katelyn- a girl who was sent to live with her grandfather in the Middle of Nowhere, Arkansas, after he mom died. i understand why Kat would be upset about leaving because one- she had to leave her best friends, two- she left behind her future at being in Cirque du Soleil, and three- her mom just died and it was kind of her fault. she get's to Wolf Springs, Arkansas and finds that she's not allowed out at night and that she is the newest addition to the town in two years. which coming from California, is pretty major.
i found this book really fascinating because it is the perfect blend of reality and fiction and i was kept on the edge of my seat until the finish. Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, i give kudos to you for writing such an amazing book and i hope they come out with the second book ASAP

This books came out in NOVEMBER 2011!!! 
(so sorry it was lost in my inbox...)

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Galley Girl