Monday, September 5, 2011

Under The Never Sky

Hi! Long time no blog, huh? I just started school and I have been really busy, so it took me awhile to get this uploaded. But no worries, there is definitely more to come. I just finished reading Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. 
This book has both a thrilling and a romantic side to it. It starts when Aria, one of the main narrators, is trying to find out why the connection between her world and Bliss- her mom's- is not working. and that requires flirting with the only boy that might have information on it. Turns out, that boy is a little crazy and eventually, he ends up ripping off Aria's 'Smarteye', a piece of technology that links you up to the realms. A comparison of this would be an iPhone glued to your eye and connected to your thoughts. Peregrine- a "savage" and the other narrator- saves her from dying in a fire.
When Aria wakes up, she is questioned by Soren's- crazy boy's- father. And to make sure that Aria doesn't try any of that again, she is sent to the Death shop. There, she is reunited with Peregrine- or Perry- and they work together to hopefully save the one's they love.

I really enjoyed this book because I felt it melded together perfectly to create a well-written and creative book. The ending threw me off just a little because it left you hanging there and then it ends. I'm crossing my fingers for a second book because it is so great and I would like to find out what happens to Aria and Perry and Talon- Perry's nephew. The rest of the book fit together nicely and though I had a few questions in the beginning, I felt that they were answered by the time the book ended. This book is similar to The Hunger Games and Eve and I recommend this to anyone who is up for a delicious new read!

Yum-Yum! (Until next time),
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