Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dark Inside

Just finished a really good, don't read at night book. It took me forever to read, because I didn't want to read it when it was dark out. That realistic. Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts is a story told in five different points of view: Mason, Aries, Michael, Clementine and Nothing. It started off semi-normal but then every went bad and people started killing each other. Kind of like a nightmarish dystopia. All the kids were trying to stay alive and at one point, they came together from four different places. Nothing was like it's name. Nothing. You have no idea who or what it is and it's point of view can be kind of disturbing sometimes.
I really enjoyed this book when I was reading it, because I really became attached to one point of view and I couldn't wait for the next chapter with them to come up. All the chapters were thrilling and a race to stay alive. After I finished it, I stayed awake for several hours just thinking about what happened and if there would be a sequel.
All in all: amazing, awesome, scary, and thrilling. Great book. Really suggest you read it!
Galley Girl

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