Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Every Other Day

Hola! Long time no blog, huh? I actually read three in a row and completely forgot about them until today. So here I am, at 9 PM, writing not one, but three blogs. Brilliant, Galley Girl! *smacks head*
Anyways... I have the last book on my agenda. I actually have one more to read. I saved the scariest for last. Great. Excited?  Okay, now I am going to focus and power through this last one and go to bed. Not really, going to try and watch the ending of The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Or not. I guess, since I am recording it, I will prepare my interview questions for Maggie. (it's on Monday!!!)
{Oh... Sorry about there not being any book cover, I looked FOREVER to find it and the best I could find was the Every Other Day Diet.}
Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is narrated by Kali D'Angelo. One day, she is human, and the nest, she is something totally different. And she doesn't know what she is. Then, one day-while she was human- she met Skylar, a girl who was a bit psychic and has 5 older brothers. Together, they and a girl named Bethany, figure out a mystery involving a mysterious guy named Zev- who is all in Kali's head- a ouroboros and a chupacabra.
I really liked this book. It is thrilling and exciting and I really, truly hope that there is a sequel in the future.
*Skylar is being psychic and she predicts that there might be. and I am predicting you will read this :)*
Galley Girl
P.S. must finish last book... :D

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