Tuesday, July 26, 2011


New book alert! Similar to Terminator, iBoy by Kevin Brooks, combines both human and robot together to create a great book.
Tom Harvey is a normal teenage boy. He goes to school, he hangs out with friends. the only difference between him and normal is that he is surrounded by multiple gangs (based out of his town!) and his life changes the day someone drops an iPhone from 30 stories up. On his head.After he wakes up from his 17-day long coma, he discovers that his long time crush, Lucy Walker, and her brother, Ben, had been beaten. And in Lucy's case, raped. And the police weren't doing anything about it.
Now it's up to Tom to serve justice to the gang and fight with his brain. Which, oddly enough, gives him super powers.I really liked the voice in the book, and the idea that brains are stronger than brawn. And that, 9 times out of 10, the brain smarts beat muscle. Kevin takes this to the literal sense. This book is thrilling and suspenseful. I wanted more the entire time and it left me wondering, what happens next?
Until next time, Which isn't that far away. I have another one.
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