Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seven Clues To Winning You

Seven Clues To Winning You is the story of a girl who has everything she could want and then she has to leave it to go to the school her father is the principal for. Which is also the school that embarassed her with a secret picture that hadn't been meant to get out. And the school is not close to dropping it. So, in order to regaining her dignity, she must win the Senior Scramble, which she got her father to ban because she was so embarassed. There, she falls for her enemy- the source of all her problems-Luke. And together they plan a secret Senior Scramble.
This book- if turned into a movie- would be classified as a romantic comedy. It was really great and I enjoyed realting myself to the characters of the book as they grew and developed as people. Also, coincidentally, the characters reminded me of my friend and her old crush's relationship. So I devoured this book. Kudos to Kristin Walker!

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