Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Carrier of the Mark

Hi! I am reviewing The Carrier of the Mark:

I really liked the character of this book. She has a strong voice and you really feel like you are right there with her during the course of the book. The conflict in the book is quite interesting, it takes a witch story and completely modernizes it and creates a gripping thriller. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I couldn't put it down. Adam, the love interest, is quite a character himself. I wouldn't mind seeing him around town (though he lives in Ireland and is purely fictitious...) I like that he is protective of her and he is constantly reassuring her that his love for her is real and not just the attraction of the elements. All in all, I find this a suspenseful read and you can really relate to the characters.
I hope to one day become a published young adult novelist and just recently I discovered InkPop, a website you share writing on, and when I read the back of the book I found out that this book was originally posted on InkPop and the review board read it and enjoyed it. It really gives me hope that when I finish a story that I can have that kind of good luck.

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