Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Power of Six

Hey, it's me again and this time I am reviewing The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore:

Being the sequel of I am Number Four, you kind of have to read the first to get the real gist of the plot. John Smith is back where we left him, on the run from both Mogdorians and the FBI and all that mayhem because he is believed to be an international terrorist. He has Sam and Number Six by his side the whole time. But Number Seven is also introduced with her point of view while she is living in an orphanage in Spain. She has a tough time because she developed her Legacies without her Cepan and her chest. Her Cepan won't believe her because she's been "brain washed" by her strong belief in God and she's completely forgotten about Lorien, her home planet. 
This book, with the switching points of view of both Number Four and Number Seven, you get to meet more of the Garde. You meet Number Seven, Number Six is back but you also are introduced to Number Nine and Ten. Ten has an interesting history as she grows up because she was not one of the nine Garde and nine Cepan that fled Lorien on the same ship. This sci-fi sequel is a must read and you can't put it down. So be prepared for suspense and thrills as well as meeting Sarah again, maybe for the last time...
This book is a great middle-of-the-night read and I enjoyed getting to hear John Smith's perspective again, as well as getting to hear from Number Seven/Marina. This book really makes you think about what it's like to be different and being hunted down. Which I hope doesn't happen to me anytime soon. The plot of the book is difficult enough that you can't guess the next part but it is not really easy.  I would and am planning on reading this again and again. It leaves me longing for the next book because I want to know what happens next!

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