Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hey, me again and this time I am reviewing EVE by Anna Carey:
This dystopian novel is set in the further off in the future after a deadly plague has hit the U.S and killed 98% of the population and the girls are sent off to a school where they are taught to fear boys and men and after they graduate, they are to go to another building across the lake and they are to learn the trade of their choice and after four years of that they get to go to the City of Sand and live there. The boys on the other hand go to a "school", which is actuslly more like a labor camp. On the eve of her graduation, valedictorian Eve is told by Arden about what actually goes on in the building. Then Arden leaves and Eve is left all alone to decide whether or not she is telling the truth. That night, she escapes and goes to live in the wild where she meets up with Arden again and after almost being killed by an angry bear, she meets Caleb. 
Caleb takes Arden and Eve to his camp where they are taken care of and Leif, the leader of the camp, sets rules that they aren't supposed to leave to go outside because the guards are out looking for Eve, because the King wants her to be his heir. In the camp, Eve teaches the younger boys how to read and write and slowly Caleb and Eve fall in love with each other. One day, something goes wrong and from then on, Eve has nothing but bad luck. 
I like this book because you get the chance to see a sheltered girl turn into a strong girl who is not afraid to fight and never gives up hope throughout the novel. I absolutely cannot wait until the next one comes out!
This book is similar to Wither and the Hunger Games trilogy. Fans of these books should definitely read this book. It is sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-stay-up-all-night-reading good. EVE is about a sheltered girl leaving her life behind and learning how to survive in the real world. And frankly, to her, it is a matter of living your life and death.

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